Brae and Tylor

Brae and Tylor
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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Iceland 2013

View from Reykjavik Lights Hotel - morning

View from Hotel - Evening

Nearby sculptures

The cold cold sea at Reykjavik

There are not many trees in Iceland - so this is a rare view.

Reykjavik Harbour

The views at sea are better than the whale watching

We did see whales

Seek and ye shall find

I didnt have a compass - but I guess this is North

This brook did a lot of babbling

Pingvellir National Park

These fish were over 2 foot long

Great colours in the grass and moss

Those tourists throw money at everything - even a pond


Golden falls

Then a blizzard blew in

You get an idea of scale by the tiny people top right

Fortunately you can get some home made lamb and vegetable soup here

Strokkur blowing his load

Pretty - but you would burn your fingers in this one 80-100c

See below for Geysir blowing a load

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