Brae and Tylor

Brae and Tylor
What th...

Monday, 6 January 2014

Tylor enjoying enjoying the christmas break (he's a Samoyed)

This is why they call us smiling Samoyeds

Too pooped to bother going to bed - this step is comfy enough

Ahh a human blanket for me

Tylor in his Christmas Get-up

Sleepy Samoyed

So windy it blew Tylors ear off

Tylor being cute

I'm with this idiot

Where has my fluffy persona gone

Regal Samoyed

Mr Pippin enjoying the delights of Tylors company

My name is not 'Hotpoint'

Nice big cheesy grin for you


Cute puppy look

Mr Pippin, Black Minion and Tylor

Mr Pippin keeping an eye on Tylor

Streamlined Samoyed


Wind but sunny seaside day 4th Jan 2014

Tylor telling secrets

Is that my paw

Wind blown tongue

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